Joe Henry-Penrose
Get to know the corporate me.
I'm currently an Assistant Media Planner at McKinney, working on Sherwin-Williams. I analyze and optimize digital media, understand business needs to translate into media strategies, and handle billing and invoicing for the team. 
I have interned with PendoFleishmanHillardWundermanUKValeo and more. I have also served as Creative Director for Live Oak Communications – Elon's student-run PR and advertising agency and as the General Manager of WSOE 89.3 FM – Elon's student-run radio station.
I've created media plans for Sherwin-Williams and Crocs, analytics presentations for Microsoft executives, data audits for Selfridges, blog posts for Pendo, and strategic plans for WSOE 89.3 FM. I have a varied background and a breadth of experience. If you have a project in mind or a communications issue that you need solving, I'd love to help! 
I am passionate, driven, and hardworking; an English accent with an American work ethic. In my spare time, I explore music data, bake bread, and throw tin foil balls for my cat. 
If you want to learn more about my background, take a look at my resume!
Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.