As Programs Director of WSOE, Elon's campus radio station, I have always wanted to know about our audience. The station feels niche and hidden, so what students know about us? How do they know? How often do they listen? What can our staff do to broaden our reach and make student more likely to listen? Most importantly, why don't students listen? is this due to a lack of awareness or due to more convenient options?
When asked to create a survey on campus for my strategic research methods class, my group members and I decided that studying WSOE would be a great way to create actionable insights that better a campus community. 
We found that the vast majority of students don't know that WSOE exists and, even if they are aware of us, many don't realize that we have online streaming capabilities. These findings, as well as the many others, allowed us to create actionable items in order to increase awareness amongst students of WSOE, the WSOE app, and opportunities afforded to WSOE members. For a more in-depth view, have a look at the full document below. 
Authors: Joe Henry-Penrose, Myra Johnson & Paige King

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